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Week Two: Shapes and Sizes

by Brittany Michelle | February 18, 2015

This week was all about book work and practicing with acrylics. I completed seven out of 10 chapters, and played with creating different nail shapes. I also performed a few manicures and pedicures on real clients. Yes, I’m touching people now! I performed my first French gel manicure on a client; it was pretty easy. I don’t know if I will say the same thing when I start sculpting with gel, however. I also realized that not everyone cares for the smile line French…how disappointing!

I have also been contemplating doing the BCL Scholarship…decisions, decisions!

Now, the good, bad, and ugly of nail school…

Here is the bad: Saturday school is a waste of time and Wednesday is senior citizens day — I have seen lots of unhealthy hands and feet. GLOVES PLEASE! We lost two students this week. On a good note, however, they graduated. They were like extra teachers, so they will be missed.

The ugly: I struggled to stay encouraged a couple of days this week. We were pretty slow and my instructor is not the biggest organizer, so we had no schedule to work off of. I think long nail programs may get like this. I also learned that I do not like the “walk-ins welcome” system. My services will be by appointment only when I start working on my own.

The good: I learned the importance of soaking off nail enhancements, and I was interviewed for a salon that is going to allow me to combine nails and skin care! Week three…let’s get it!

Until next week,

— Brittany

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