Nails 101: A Student Blog

Week Ten: The Artist Comes Out

by Brittany Machelle | April 20, 2015

We got a new student, and I am so grateful for her because she put the nail-art fire in me. I spent most of this week working on nail art and laying acrylic (and the usual manicures, pedicures, and gels). I did my first four-week fill on acrylic nails; it turned out nice, but I have a lot to learn. I was a little disappointed because I feel as if I should have recommended that she soak her old acrylics off and get a new full set.

I’m working on not shying away from recommending different services from what the client comes in for. It’s a little harder to do at my school because it has been open for 25 years and so many of the people who come in are “super regulars” and just want what they want.

It was such a lovely end to the week because even though I am new, my little cousin asked me to paint her nails for prom, and my other cousin asked for a full set of nails. It’s so exciting that they put trust in me!

I got to perform a full set and top it off with some nail art. It only took me TWO hours, LOL! I know that it may seem a little longer than normal, but hey…I’m still a student and newbie!

I SHALL improve! Check out my photos.

Until next week,

— Brittany

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