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Paradigm Shifts

by Maggie Franklin | May 6, 2015 | Bookmark +

Big changes are on the horizon, folks.

Remember when I said my plant was blooming? And that I wasn’t at all superstitious about that plant?

And remember way back to last August when I took an epic ride to Yellowstone National Park on my motorcycle all by myself? (I did tell you about that, right?)

Now — how do those two things fit together in a manner that would equate to “big changes” that would have anything to do with my career as a nail tech?

OK, get out your pens and scratch paper, you might need to draw a chart...My friend, the massage therapist next door, started a sideline as an independent author because our friend, the hairstylist next door, has a client who is a very successful indie author.

So, last August, I get back from my epic motorcycle ride and Cindy (the massage therapist) comes bursting through my doorway and, with a grand gesture of her waving arms, dares me to write a book about my trip.

Really, she just didn’t want to be the only one risking putting the sweat and tears of her efforts on Amazon for the ridicule and belittlement of the vast sea of rabid reviewers, but I took her seriously and accepted her challenge.

Nope. There is no link to this mythical epic ride report.


Because once I got 30,000 words into the story of my extremely uneventful ride, I started researching my chances of actually making any money from my endeavor. What I found was several forums and blogs about indie authors who had found their calling — and an excellent source of income — in trashy romance.

Naturally, I was intrigued. And promptly relegated my epic solo journey to the back corner of my hard drive while I began an all-new attempt at writing smut.

The smut is paying off. No. I’m not quitting my day job. Both for the reason that I still like doing nails and because the smut isn’t paying off that well. But it definitely is returning the investment.

What does that mean to you? Well...

As soon as I find something to fill my spare time, it never fails that my spare time disappears. And not in the obvious, “duh, that’s because you filled it” way.

Business — as I’ve mentioned — has exploded. I am constantly adding 10 more hours to my salon schedule in order to accommodate the clients who aren’t able to keep standing appointments. Last week I discovered that I am actually booked well into October — and I only say “October” because that was where I stopped looking.

I’m supposed to update this blog twice a week — how many weeks have you noticed only one post lately?

Yup. That’s what I’m saying.

May is my last month of ranting for NAILS Magazine.

Don’t cry! It’s going to be OK. I’ll still rant on Facebook, I promise. And maybe I’ll even find time to update my personal blog more often now?

Hopefully NAILS will continue to show me their love and still ask me for my opinions for articles. So it’s not like I’m going very far away.

You still get seven more rants. Then I go on another epic motorcycle ride (this time with the BF, who is already working on getting abandoned in the desolate Nevadan desert).

Maybe, at some point, I’ll post up the account of the epic motorcycle ride from last summer. Or maybe I’ll add some entirely fictitious elements to it and publish it as a trashy romance story for Kindle.

Either way, one thing is for sure: I’ll still be here on the fourth floor, covered in dust and glitter. So keep in touch!

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