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Mani Monday: Embellished Turquoise Nail Art

by Sigourney Nuñez | May 18, 2015

Geode-inspired nail art in on-trend this season. Follow this step-by-step from San Francisco-based nail tech Mia Rubie to help you offer your clients a design that resembles an opaque, blue-green mineral topped with gold.

1. Apply a bright turquoise blue gel to the entire nail. Cure.

2. Apply a second coat of the turquoise-blue gel. While the gel is still wet, apply light brush strokes of a medium blue-green gel and blend random patches on the nail. Cure.

3. With a thin liner brush, paint black jagged lines on the nail. Make some of the lines thin and some thick to mimic the natural pattern of a turquoise stone. Wipe your brush and gently blend the lines so they are a bit blurry in some areas. Cure.

4. Cut a small piece of gold transfer foil and pat it sparingly over the nail to achieve a metallic effect.

5. Apply a bead of clear builder gel to the center of the nail and set stones and studs of your choice in place. Cure.

6. To finish the nail, apply a gel top coat over the entire nail and cure.

To keep up with Mia’s work, make sure you follow her on Instagram @superflynails.

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