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Tech Tuesday: Mani-Pedi Academy

by Judy Lessin | May 19, 2015

Mani-Pedi Academy offers online education for nail salon professionals, including techs, owners, booth renters, and staff. Designed for entry-level technicians and industry veterans alike, Mani-Pedi Academy courses arm participants with the skills, science, and business savvy necessary to meet changing client demands.

“We are delighted to bring these industry-specific courses to the nail technician,” says president and founder John Bracken. “Developed by doctors, industry experts, and business entrepreneurs, all continuing education courses and certification programs deliver comprehensive nail science and business information.”

Mani-Pedi Academy courses are delivered online via the easy-to-use Professional Learning Edge platform. Students complete programs at their own pace, on any device, from the comfort of their own home. Current course offerings include Salon Marketing Specialist, Salon Retail Specialist, Professional Image, Client Care, and Digital Marketing. Certification courses to be released later this year include Certified Pedicurist and Populations Specialist, in addition to the Salon Growth Specialist continuing-education course.

To learn more about Mani-Pedi Academy, visit or call (855) 558-7334.

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