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Weeks 18-20: The End and The Beginning!

by Staff | July 6, 2015

Week 18:

I spent all of this week working with my drill. I found yet another video by Young Nails, titled “I-Formation Filing,” and because of it I have been making some really smooth and even nails! There is always more to learn, but I am a lot more confident with the drill now.

Also, after five months of school and a few disappointing in-fills/fill-ins, I finally understand how you get rid of the lifting and line of demarcation from the older acrylic. You file right before the lifting until it blends in and eventually falls off. This will leave the line almost invisible and ready for the acrylic to be laid. I may spend more time blending, but because acrylic is applied only in Zone 3, the time equals out.

Week 19:

This week I finally got the great news that I won a BCL|CND| Tippi Hedren Nail Scholarship! How exciting! I did not actually think I would win, so thank you Beauty Changes Lives for picking me as one of the winners. My classmates made me a congratulations banner and hung it up in the salon. Check it out!

Week 20:

This is my last week of school, and this journey has been exciting. I must be honest — nail tech school, overall, is not what most are expecting. Most schools teach you just the basics of being a nail tech. Days will be long, you will learn that special smell that feet have, and you will always feel like you should be learning more (because there is so much to learn). It is YOUR job to stay motivated and always practice your techniques.

Going forward, I do plan on taking many advanced classes, focusing mostly on acrylic and gel sculpture. I will continue to perfect my craft, blog, and take advantage of free marketing via social media. A few more things I have learned:

  • You will always have a classmate who is willing to help out.
  • YouTube, classmates, NAILS Magazine, and other articles and blogs will be your biggest motivators, teachers, and inspirations.
  • The learning never ends, so try to stay open-minded.
  • Save up for tradeshows; your school may actually give you credit for attending them.
  • Clients quickly forget you’re a student, so never take their anger personally. (There are some meanies!)
  • It may not be perfect the first time…or the second…or third, but you will get there.

Going back to school to do anything is very challenging, but the feeling you get when you finish something in its entirety is amazing and fulfilling. I reached another goal— State Boards, here I come!

Thank you Nails Magazine for allowing me to blog throughout my journey!

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