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"Boss Nails" Review: Episode 5

by Lavette Cephus | September 9, 2015 | Bookmark +

This episode of "Boss Nails" showed us how the daily stress of being a salon owner or manager can really take a toll on you. Take Miss Carla, Tippie Toes' salon manager, for example. First, you have the phones constantly ringing, and then you're trying to make sure every client is leaving with a smile. You’re also cleaning the salon and taking out the Hennessey bottles from the previous night, all the while making sure that everyone else is on. 

For those of us who work at a salon with salon managers, we know how important an efficient salon manager is. I think Dana and her staff really got the rude awakening they deserved when Miss Carla got fed up and walked out! To teach that staff a lesson, I would probably consider doing the same.

After she left, Dana had to jump in as salon manager: juggling taking clients, cashing people out, and answering phones. But this made me think. Being a "boss" is more than being "bossy." It’s more than the attitude, and yelling at people. It’s a mindset. You have to be all in for your team and do whatever it takes for their success because together is the only way you win.

Which brings us to the following:

#BossRule101: If you want to be a boss, you must be a leader first. But sometimes, being a "boss" means that you have to be the one to get your hands dirty. That could be taking out trash or telling one of your staff members that the set she just finished was “a mess!” That is exactly what Dana Cody had to do to her nail tech, Yaya.

Yaya was surprised by a visit from a Miami fashion blogger, Annie Vazquez.  Annie's is a popular blog with pieces on culture and trends in Miami. With people being so plugged into social media and the internet, bloggers have a special place in the world of branding. Unfortunately, Yaya felt the pressure and nerves got the best of her.

The Nails:                                                            

O.M.G! I cringed when I saw the reveal of the set that Yaya did! The nail shaping was off, the graphic art was all over the place and even Dana called it "sloppy." This artwork looked childish and left the client utterly disappointed. This is scary for a salon owner, because one bad review from a blogger can spread like wildfire and possibly have a negative impact on business. My advice for fixing these nails: nix them and never let them see the light of day again. 

#BossRule102: It is important to always be on, you never know who has a blog.

Yaya’s Last Chance: 

Luckily for Yaya and Tippie Toes, Annie decided to give them one last chance at redemption. Dana was even bold enough to let Yaya do the set over.  Except this time she showed up and showed out!  She created one of my favorite types of nail art: black and white. The set was simple, yet so impactful. This time around, the shaping was on point and the client was happy! However, I did notice an unusual technique. Yaya glued an entire nail tip over black polish (or gel) on the client's entire nail bed. I am so confused! Is this technique new? Someone please explain! I had to rewind a few times to make sure I was seeing it right. But other than that mystery, the second set made me feel like the first set had to be a joke. (I hope it was!) I've had my share of disappointing sets; take a look at the design that sent me to the end of the line, aka last year's Next Top Nail Artist Last Chance Design Lab. Just like Yaya, I didn't let one set stop me.  I used that setback to buckle down, grit my teeth, and dig my nails in it! Like anyone with a passion you don't let disappointment stop the show. You just know next time you have to redeem yourself. 

A note to this year's NTNA competitors: Go hard or go home!

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