The Benefits of Joining the Associated Nail Professionals

by Holly Schippers | September 18, 2015 | Bookmark +

Have you heard of Associated Nail Professionals yet?  Don’t feel bad if you haven’t, they are a division of a larger group and have recently added protection for nail professionals. It is part liability insurance for you as a nail professional, and part giant group of professionals that have banded together to get access to things that we are not big enough business owners to qualify for on our own.

Rise Carter was one of my original nail idols years ago when I was still floundering a bit, trying to find my place in this industry. I always appreciated her advice and now as a Brand Manager for the Associated Nail Professionals (ANP), she had some information that was well worth listening to.

At the Long Island Networking Event, we finally had a chance to sit and discuss what it is that the company does, and how valuable the service is to nail professionals. ANP offers liability insurance. If you live in the USA like I do, we have to face the facts that justice tends to be blind, not in balance but in ignorance! Law suits abound for many, many things. While a substandard of cleanliness that begets an infection deserves punishment, what about the ones that are not at fault yet are punished anyway?

One of the shocking examples on the ANP brochure is a nail professional that applied a set to a client. That said client had some issues and used super glue for repairs. The client did not return for fills, then BAM, she sued the nail professional for her acquired nail issues and got a payout. My first thought is skeptical as medical insurance bleeds us dry and doesn’t help as much as it could. Then hearing more about it from Rise, as well as looking into it more on the website, it is one of those things we probably shouldn’t be living without.

The plan is a mere $199 a year!! I was stunned at such a low price for such a huge service. In addition to the major liability coverage, they have also found group help rates similar to AARP or Farm Bureau in which they use the large number of members as a bargaining chip. For example, one of the savings offered is a percent discount on Verizon cell service, I signed up for it after getting my membership and the savings I will have on my cell phone bill in a year was $180 which means I’m only paying $19 for the ANP membership!!

Some other benefits of joining are a free website with great cohesive marketing tools, member benefits like discounts on products, a free subscription to NAILS or VietSALON Magazine, and more! Starting next month an unbelievable line up of industry experts including Doug Schoon, AthenA Elliott, Maisie Dunbar, Jaime Schrabeck, and Simmy Bredal-Bell (just to name a few), will help roll out a webinar program that will provide free education for nail professionals and elevate the nail profession.

To look into the program some more, visit the website! Don’t just take my word for it, do some investigation, and ask questions! If you join, when it asks for a referral member, please feel free to use my number 1110407 to show that we stick together as nail professionals and share information to help each other. I hope this helps you save some money and protect yourself whether you booth rent, educate, or are mobile!

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