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Inventor of Nail Art Tool Seeks Backers

by Judy Lessin | September 22, 2015

Colombian nail artist Heidy Artistizabal (also known as H la Cosedora) is looking for a few investors who match her passion to support her new mission: to bring the Hring, a nail art palette on a ring, to the market. To raise money for production, Artistizabal has launched a funding campaign on Kickstarter

The innovative Hring nail art palette is connected to an adjustable ring, allowing the user to wear it on whatever finger is most comfortable for her work style. The palette is bordered with eight indentations: seven are water drop-shaped, enabling techs to work with more precision and load their brush perfectly, while a round indentation is for blending colors or holding gems. A thin line in the center of the palette allows users to align striping brush hairs.

“The initial idea for the Hring come from my love for nail art, design, and accessories,” says Artistizabal. “I’ve always used a brush and palette to blend colors, but I’ve seen others use paper, foil, or even their own skin. My goal was to create a lightweight, stylish ring that any nail artist would be proud to wear and show to the world.”

The funds collected during the campaign will be used to finance expensive production molds. Investors can choose from five different packages at different price points.

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