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Katy Perry’s Minx are Pro Hillary

by Staff | October 26, 2015

On Saturday, Katy Perry wore her custom Minx at the Hillary Clinton fundraiser in Iowa. The Minx design features Clinton’s campaign logo. Perry shared her manicure when she took over Clinton’s Instagram account Saturday for the rally.

Perry’s manicurist Kimmie Kyees reached out to Minx co-founder Janice Jordan to brew up the design. “Kimmie and I have worked together since the beginning of Minx creating custom designs for Kimmie’s celebrity clients. Kimmie is excellent at visualizing and communicating the looks she wants us to create. We provide her a variety of options to choose from,” said Jordan. “We are creating a collection of presidential candidates Minx along with Democrat and Republican designs so everyone can wear their support on their nails!”

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