FingerNail Fixer’s Featured YouTuber: Divine by Design’s Natasha Lee

by Holly Schippers | November 20, 2015

Today I would like to introduce you to another YouTube video maker that you may find inspiring and fun to follow.  Her name is Natasha Lee and she is a U.K.-based nail professional otherwise known as Divine by Design. Her YouTube channel features a wide variety of videos including product reviews. She keeps an eye on the trends rolling through the U.K, while sharing that info with her followers. What prompted me to tell you about her are her tutorial videos. She has a number of fun and playful designs that you can follow and share in your own salon.

We have even collaborated on a sugar skull video once when I was visiting the U.K. and she was kind enough to attend my class.

You never know what products she will be using so don’t fear a product snob here, she is one who knows there’s room in the industry for us all and knowledge should be shared as opposed to hoarded!

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