Doug Schoon to Release New Book

by Holly Schippers | January 13, 2016


I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!! Guess what I just got in my email last night!?! Doug Schoon is putting together a new book and he sent it to me to edit. I wish there was a way for my writing to show just how over the moon excited and honored I am. He has long been one of my mentors and heroes in the industry. This man has a passion for helping us elevate ourselves through the power of education that has a solid foundation in science. When there are technical questions (no matter the brand of product) that I am unsure how to answer, I tend to reference his book, Nail Structure and Product Chemistry, his Facebook page (Doug Schoon’s Brain), or his Face-to-Face database. I will be sure to edit the book in a timely fashion so we can all see it sooner!! EEEeekkk!!!!

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