What’s It’s Like Keeping Up with NAILS' Walking Challenge

by Holly Schippers | January 19, 2016

How are you doing with the #NAILS10kaDay walking challenge? I have to admit to struggling! As you can see from my numbers, once I got down to nice and warm New Orleans, walking was much easier to do. Unfortunately coming back to the ice age has me slacking back off a bit.

Check out that negative temperature from this past Sunday! It is really hard to talk yourself into bundling up to go for much of a walk in boots, and top that off with living out on a gravel road with ice and snow all over it- That's a recipe for excuses!

Writing that down on the blog is making me frown as I am not one to care for making excuses. New game plan: On the days it is above 20F outside, I will suck it up and bundle up. For the days below that, I will tuck my phone in my pocket and try marching in place. I wonder if I can read and march at the same time? It would be a great chance for “me” time with a book. LOL!

If you don’t have a pedometer or something to track your steps, did you know the iPhone comes with an app called Health that has a step tracker? Any Android users found something similar you would share with us? Let me know what your progress is or your excuses are in the comments below. ;)

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