21 Troubleshooting Tips from ISSELB16

by Holly Schippers | February 5, 2016 | Bookmark +

While attending the ISSE 2016 show in Long Beach, Calif. this past weekend, I tried out a few new things to improve the experience for my followers. There were posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in addition to live broadcasts via Periscope! My hope was to make you all feel like you were there with me, as well as provide useful information to any professionals that were at the show in person. One of the questions I asked of as many booths and educators as possible was, “What is one of your top troubleshooting tips for nail professionals?” I hope this list of answers helps you out in the salon!!

1. INM’s “Custom T” says make sure you perfect your craft and your acrylic is flawless and not bumpy. Cover Pink is a great way to get good coverage.

2. Artistic’s Tammi M. says when you are doing your color gloss, wipe the dispersion layer after you apply the bonding gel, then apply the color.

3. Entity Beauty’s Lorena M. says pick up your bead, watch your powder absorb the liquid then back up some of the liquid into your table towel to get a good mix ratio for working with Entity.

4. Jessica’s Joy B. says if you want to refresh your Jessica manicure, apply a fresh layer of top coat to the top and underside of the nail every two to three days.

5. Harmony’s Taylor says if you get thick Morgan Taylor polish, you can add one or two drops of the new product called Reanimate. Shake it thoroughly and apply.

6. Akzentz’s Gina S. says if you have a hard time keeping your gel French from staining, try the Options Crystal Clear gel to seal it in. It’s removable.

7. IBD/EZ Flow booth’s Laurie suggests applying super thin layers of power bond or base coat. Getting them too thick can cause lifting. Try thinner coats.

8. OPI’s Chelsea recommends waiting a full two minutes to apply your top coat with Infinite Shine. With Gel Color, make sure you shake it thoroughly for 60 seconds. Shake it like you mean it!

9. Orly’s Sam Biddle says if your Orly gel-polish is dull, you may need to apply a slightly thicker layer of top coat. The base coat should be uber thin! A troubleshooting tip for art is to not get lost in your own head. You do not have to put all the ideas in your head on one nail. Think the design through and simplify it on each individual nail. Think K.I.S.S.-Keep It Simple Sexy!

10. Associated Nail Professional’s Rise Carter offered important info on keeping yourself as a nail pro safe with liability insurance. They cover lawsuits for things like a slip and fall, infection, etc. For those of us that educate, it covers you no matter where you are. Empower Nail Art is the first nail manufacturer to offer awesome deals to ANP members!

11. Doug Schoon advises that you avoid over filing the nails at all times! Nail clients are afraid of salons as they fear the damage that is sure to occur. Make sure you are not over filing the nails. Gently remove coatings and let people know it!

12. NTNA Season 2 winner Lavette Cephus says if you get a lot of breakage in your stress area with enhancements, make sure your arch is properly placed and the curve of the arch is nice and smooth! You can find her on Instagram @Beaute_Asylum or Facebook!

13. CND’s Jan Arnold suggests using systems to be successful. No matter what product you love, keep it within the system it is designed for. A quality system will keep you getting the results that are advertised! Bonus question, a fan asked how she is inspired? Jan is inspired by nail professionals!!

14. American International Industries (AII) educator Michelle B. says you can make additional income by offering waxing services if you are a licensed cosmo or esthetician. Her technical tip is to use your liquid and powder (acrylic) in a dry mix ratio when building 3-D art. It is not necessary for the mix ratio to be the usual medium wet since the art is not going to come into contact with the natural nail plate. She also suggests that you take your time and have fun!

15. China Glaze’s Mary says to make sure you are shaking your Gelaze VERY thoroughly before you use it. The base coat is mixed in with the gel-polish so you need to mix it well enough to avoid shrinkage and clear or streaky color. She also wanted you to know that the Gelaze colors match the China Glaze colors.

16. Nail Labo’s Stephanie recommends using the light that is designed for your system! Service breakdown can result from using the wrong UV or LED lamp with any gel-polish.

17. NAILS Magazine’s Sigourney N. says if you have thought about doing nail school, you should follow your dream!

18. Athena Rocks owner Athena E. says to be conscious of your sizing when choosing a stone for natural nails. They should not exceed 25% of the foundation and they should be less than 1.5 millimeters tall. Another tip is to spray the bottom of your gems and stones with a glue drying activator so that when you place them there’s a shorter dry time. Turquoise is a shorter stone that can be placed on the natural nail.

19. Wedgewood Nails owner Jessica W. let us know that the Nailebrity Take 2 base coat is made easier to remove by applying cuticle oil around the edges and gently using an orangewood stick. She was the lucky model for Amy Becker’s bling nails!

20. Akzentz’s Jess H. says if you are getting chipping of your gel-polish when applied over the hard gel, you could use a more flexible top coat such as one that is 100% gel.

21. Young Nails suggested tip from Kristina was to use a lighter touch when stamping with the Caption stamper. Using too much pressure can cause the design to smudge. Also, line up the caption logo on the stamper with the logo on the plate, then to stamp line it up with the knuckle on the finger!


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