First Look at the Mochi Stamper from Bundle Monster

by Holly Schippers | February 8, 2016

BundleMonster has launched a new nail must have this week! They call it the Mochi Stamper and you will not believe how much more efficient it makes stamping in the salon. I love to stamp with pigments because it is so much less fussy than using liquid mediums. No matter what you stamp with though, it is pretty time consuming as a salon service to place your medium on the plate, swipe, stamp, clean and repeat for every single nail.

For the larger abstract designs, the Mochi Stamper has the space to pick up enough design for five to ten nails, depending on the length of the nail! It is nice and squishy which makes picking up and transferring anything a breeze. Keep an eye out for a video in the near future once I have had a chance to play around with it and put together some useful tips for consistent success. Here are some photos of my first time using it – simple, effective, and now fast!!

The stamper is large enough to pick up an entire XL plate or two small square plates. I picked up the accent nail and full set designs all in one stamp. It cut the time of stamping for the salon set significantly!

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