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China Glaze Coloured Nail Spray Demo

by Sigourney Nuñez | March 22, 2016

We got our hands on China Glaze's new Coloured Nail Spray, a consumer-focused product that applies like a spray but looks like lacquer. With an official launch in April, the limited-edition collection features four shades including Platinum Silver, Bright Blue, Magenta Shimmer, and Purple Shimmer. China Glaze prescribes pairing the spray on nail polish with its Strong Adhesion base coat and Fast Forward top coat for best results. Here’s what happened when we tried it live on Periscope (@nailsmag).

I was on deck to demo the nail spray live on camera and senior editor Beth Livesay broadcasted the stream and managed interaction.

My nails were already prepped before I tried on this product. We learned that you don’t want to skip a manicure!

After applying the base coat, we let it dry completely before applying a light coat of colored spray. 

We repeated this step three times for full coverage. We found that these shades have a metallic finish when layered. If you’re looking for sheer coverage, one coat is enough.

Once the sprayed color was completely dry, I topped the nail plate with the fast dry top coat and let it dry completely. Once the top coat was dry to the touch, I washed my hands with warm water and soap and the excess product came off completely.

To see the live step-by-step click here or watch the video below. You can also see the official tutorial by China Glaze here

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