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Week 20: Following My Vision

by A'Kia Warrior | June 15, 2016

I sat this week and really reflected on the fact that soon I will be done with school and I will be sitting before the state board to become licensed. I remember starting this program thinking that it would be the longest eight months of my life. But then I began to realize how much I’ve learned and how excited those around me are to see me succeed in this! Remember, I’m an HR professional by trade and this has been something I’ve been fascinated with for some time. After reflecting, I smiled because I made this choice and I feel good about it.

 I am starting to really see the fruits of my labor in this program and it feels good. This week we learned about the chemical makeup of monomers and polymers and how they react when put together. We also had the opportunity to flex our creative muscle my mixing custom-blend polymer powders. I really enjoyed this because I have CND Additives that made this so much fun! With my favorite color being purple I automatically knew what my base would be. It is going to be so wonderful doing custom blends for my clients and seeing their faces when they know it’s only for them and no one else!

With reaching Week 20 a dose of reality has set it. I am over half way done and I need to prepare myself for next steps. What specifically am I going to do once licensed? What outlets do I want to use to continue my journey? When will my salon become a store front? Where is my business plan? For those who have been following my journey you know that I am doing this with the intent of making it more about being a business owner, a blogger, a brand educator, and possibly a subject matter educator. So many exciting options to explore!

 This school experience isn’t feeling so much like a daunting task anymore. Yes, I am extremely tired. Yes, I miss so much quality time with my daughter. Yes, I have tons on my plate to manage. But it is so worth it and my family will benefit from all of my hard work and dedication. I am a leader with a vision and I’m so glad that I am following that vision.



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