Nails 101: A Student Blog

Week 23: Practicing Nail Art

by A'Kia Warrior | July 14, 2016

Before I started this journey to becoming a licensed nail technician I was always fascinated with nail art. There are some amazing nail technicians in this industry doing some creative things with nails as their canvas. I consider myself a creative person, and this week I was put to the test. I have come to find out that some of what I have seen on social media doesn't come so easy to me. I need to dig deeper! I do know that with practice and over time I will be fine. I felt somewhat intimidated because some of my peers are better at it than I am. But my instructor has been so encouraging that I believe it is something that I will get good at.

The one thing that I know I absolutely love about nail art is  the glitter. Raw glitter and glitter mixes have been so much fun to learn about and play with. I have encapsulated glitter into an acrylic nail and a gel nail. It's so much fun--I feel like a child in a candy store! There are so many different things to do with it. I've even figured out how I will design my sister’s bridal nails for her wedding with glitter. I look forward to taking continuing education classes on nail art. There are definitely some nail artists out there I want some training from!

This was one of those weeks where there was not a lot of pressure; I was able to sit back and get some reps in and have it continue to hit me that I am almost done with this portion of the journey. So many people are cheering me on and I cannot wait to get out there and do something exciting! There is nothing like pursing a passion.


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