It’s Never Too Early for Prep for the Holiday Season

by Holly Schippers | August 8, 2016

It’s that time of year again when the summer heat is dwindling on us and it is hard to imagine that the holidays will soon be here! And we know all too well that not only will the holiday season arrive, it will sneak up on us and hit us over the head at the last moment.

This means it is time to start making a plan of action for the holiday season now. Will you be giving out gifts to your clientele? Do you need to start sourcing items to make them or get ideas on what to do? What has been a successful gift for you in the past? Please share a link with everyone so we can all bounce ideas off each other!

You also may need to be considering a price increase effective in October. This is the ideal time to change your prices rather than January when things usually slow down and many are overextended from holiday shopping. Your time has value and if you’ve forgotten that, re-read this blog that breaks down just how much you lose when you don’t give yourself the raise you deserve and earn!

The other thing on your to-do list should be holiday nail retail. Things are starting to be available for pre-order and there are only so many to go around. I don’t know about all companies, however, the one I’m familiar with makes enough holiday items to fulfill what the distributors preordered. This means your distributor has the set amount that they opted to preorder and can’t get more when they run out. Therefore YOU need to preorder instead of waiting to see if there are enough left over that they show up on store shelves and trigger your memory!

I know you might be thinking, “Oh yeah I need to jot these things down and get around to them,” but beware of procrastination! Remember when it was just spring and we were gearing up for summer? Kinda feels like last week, right? It is August folks, so let’s put in a little prep time and be ready for success this holiday season!!

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