The NW Nail Tech Retreat 2016

by Holly Schippers | October 20, 2016

I’m on the flight home from #nailcamp (the NW Nail Tech Retreat) and there is so much going through my mind!  We may need two blogs to cover it all. The weekend theme was The Price is Right and this brought about a lot of discussion on pricing in the salon, raising our prices, and knowing that your time has value. There were also some amazing classes including bling nail art with Canadian Elite Beauty educator Amy G, salon art with Lauren Wireman, structure with Amy Becker and Akzentz’s Jess Hoel, pedicures with LCN’s Ellen, and business with Associated Nail Professional’s Rise Carter.

There were so many more amazing educators and fantastic classes, these are a mere few to give you an idea of the diversity and benefit of the education. The event itself is like no other. If you attended summer camp as a kid, stayed in cabins for a few days and experienced bunkmates and group dinners, it will make you feel young again, while also offering you the chance to sit next to legendary educators as if you were lifelong friends!

There are teams and team games that get everyone laughing as well as delicious family style meals and stunning scenery on the coast of Vashon Island in Puget Sound. The number of attendees and vendors is limited which keeps the classes small and fun to be in, giving everyone the chance to spend time with their favorite educator if not one on one, really close to it!

To see some of the adventures for this year and maybe start thinking about next year, you can visit the photo album on my page or just do a hashtag search using #nailcamp.

I was honored to be the key note speaker at camp this year. Next blog we can visit the speech and discuss pricing together!

Show Clients Proof of Sanitation


Show Clients Proof of Sanitation

by Holly Schippers

Hopefully one thing this pandemic will do for our industry is make clients more aware of the differences between salons, and a piece of paper that says we happen to be licensed will no longer be sufficient proof of equal or clean service. How about showing clients that you opted to take a class on sanitation and disinfection while you were closed?

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