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Weeks 10 and 11: Consultations and Real Clients

by Orma Swearinger | November 11, 2016 | Bookmark +

Week 10

Now that we are done with the book, it’s time to start putting to work all that we’ve learned. My instructor encouraged us to practice doing services on each other. I know that this time of practice is going to help prepare me for when a client walks through the door of our school. So, when it was time to render services to my classmate, I treated her like we had just met. I gave her a warm welcome and introduced myself to her. Afterward, I asked her to fill out a client consultation form.

My instructor really stresses the importance of spending time with our client to go over the consultation form. That is our way of getting to know the client and his/her expectations, prior experiences at nail salons, what’s going on with him/her medically, etc. In all of my years of going to nail salons, I cannot recall one single time that I was ever asked if I had any medical issues that could possibly affect the services that I would receive. I also cannot recall a time that I was given a client consultation form. Now that I know what I know, I could never go back to patronize any of those salons. My mind went back to when I was injured in a salon in Houston. What if I had diabetes?  That injury would have taken much longer to heal. I have diabetics in my family and I’ve seen how long it takes for one small sore to heal. As a soon-to-be professional nail technician, I cannot afford to be careless with my clients. Their well-being will be in my hands. I cannot get so careless as to put making money before my clients’ health and well-being. Spending a few minutes with each client before rendering service will pay off in many ways.  It could possibly be that client’s first time having a consultation done in a nail salon and this could make him/her feel special. This client may become a loyal, long-time client who refers me to many other potential long-term clients.  

Getting back to my classmate/client, she wanted a pedicure. I was quite excited to do a pedicure since that is the service that I used to always get when I went to nail salons. I am working on perfecting the massage part of the pedicure. Other than walking out pleased at how well they were treated and how great their feet look, I want my clients to remember the wonderful massage they received. My instructor looked over my work and said I did a wonderful job. My client/classmate was happy, as well.


Week 11

I started this week off reflecting on how far I’ve come. Just eleven weeks ago, I was too busy with my career as a chemist to start school, but I took the leap anyway.  I leaped into what has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. Being a chemist has been nothing but rewarding for me. Being a chemist and a full-time student at the same time has been very challenging, but also rewarding. I’ve learned so much and there are plenty of other things to learn in nail school. I’m still thinking about future opportunities to use my knowledge of chemistry in the nail industry. Where that will lead, I do not know, but one thing is for certain: I know that I will be successful. Through all of my effort at working hard at being a great student, I’ve been fortunate to have been named Student of the Week twice. That really means a lot to me, and I am so thankful for the recognition.  

When I arrived at school, I was prepared to practice on one of my classmates, but she told me that we had a client coming in a couple of hours. I was so excited.  My instructor told us that the client had been coming to the school for years to get manicures and pedicures and that she wanted two of us to do the services. She asked us to choose who would do the manicure and who would do the pedicure. I chose the pedicure. I decided to prepare for my client early, but to my surprise, he showed up nearly an hour before his scheduled appointment. After setting up my work area, I warmly greeted my client and asked him to fill out the consultation form. Because he had no issues and had not shaved his legs within the last 24-48 hours, I proceeded with the pedicure. He is a wonderful client who enjoys getting pampered. The pedicure went really well and he gave me a nice tip. He told me that he will be back in one month to have the same services again. I’m looking forward to it.  

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