Week 5 Social Media Post: Marketing Buzz Words

by Holly Schippers | March 31, 2017

This week’s client education focuses on marketing terms. We all see and hear them — things like organic, vegan, chemical free, and more. They have become buzz words that consumers have been taught to look for and place a lot of faith in. Unfortunately, for the most part, while they are technically accurate, the words are not used in context and do not indicate the safety and health benefit that people assume to be the case.

Here’s a caption you can post along with the image above:

Don’t be fooled by words like organic, vegan, and chemical free. Dog poop and poison ivy are organic, would you like a massage with them? Everything except light and electricity is a chemical. Even water is a chemical! This means we drink a chemical, wash with a chemical, and have said chemical in our bodies. Read past the marketing lingo before judging professional salon products.

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