E-Filing 101: Don’t Forget to Charge the Unit

by Holly Schippers | April 10, 2017 | Bookmark +

In last week’s blog about the Best lil Nail Show Texas, I mentioned taking the Kupa e-file class. You might have noticed that it said there were lots of laughs amongst the learning; that’s why it’s the subject of a whole other blog today!

The class started out normally, with everyone settling in and getting ready to go. Luckily, in the process of setting things up, one of the educators noticed my e-file still had a sticker over the spot where you would charge the unit. This was the first point of laughter as I am so e-file ignorant that it had not even occurred to me to see if it needed to be charged before class. I just figured you plug them in and have at it! As you will see in the video I made of snippets from class, when using a Kupa Manipro Passport, you should charge it overnight before use. Then you have the advantage of going cordless! I was so worried about using my e-file incorrectly that I had not even really looked it over prior to class. If you plan to take a class, have a look over your machine and check if it should be charged.

I’m a firm believer in taking notes to maximize what you are able to retain and refer back to from class, so I scribbled away frantically trying to get an idea of what to do with this machine. Some of you may have noticed the FB Live video on NAILS’ Facebook page from the class when instructor Ann Chang went through the bits and what they were used for. Something that can help in a full day class is to make sketches of things to go with your notes so that they make more sense when you look back over them in the future. When she started talking about collets, shanks, and flutes I was completely lost. Asking for clarification and adding rough sketches to my notes helped me to remember them when I looked back over the notes today for this blog. It will also be helpful in the future as I begin to practice even more with the e-file. Knowing the proper terms for nail anatomy and your tools helps with your confidence and reassures clients.

Throughout class there were many times I had a good laugh with the educators at what a struggle it is for me to learn. I am so used to being in control and knowledgeable that it put me right back in that vulnerable fresh-out-of-school feel. Luckily Ann and Linda were both kind and patient, making sure I understood each segment of the class presentation, even toward the end of the day when things started getting more advanced than I was ready for.

The beautiful thing about learning is that we all learn in different ways at a different pace. Fortunately for you, I embody my logo, the turtle, in many ways. This means the process of learning the e-file will be tedious and thorough, giving you lots of information and resources to learn from as well.

Here is the video of compiled pieces of advice and learning from the class:   

The class I took was the 8-hour Kupa certification. You can find their class offerings on the Kupa website.

For those interested, my Kupa Manipro Passport was embellished by the infamous Crystal Ninja.

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