Follow Your Dreams and Apply to NTNA!

by Holly Schippers | April 18, 2017

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine yourself as more than you are, or to set goals that seem impossible to achieve. Whether it stems from a lack of belief in yourself, your skills, or your dreams, those thoughts determine your reality. The truth is that you are more than you ever imagined, if you open your mind to the possibility. You can go places you never dreamed of and do things you might not have thought possible.

Are you a nail professional who does not work for a manufacturer? Do you have a love for all things nails? It’s time for you to take your game to the next level, step out of your comfort zone, and apply to NAILS Next Top Nail Artist. Before you start in with “but Holly” and give me a list of reasons why you can’t, I want to offer you some reasons why you can.

1. You are a nail professional.
2. You are worthy of a chance to stretch your skills.
3. I believe in you.
4. NAILS Magazine believes in you.
5. Dreams are for those that chase them.

Here’s the link for you to get signed up: I expect to see a comment letting me know you applied, whether here on the blog, on Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere else we convene. Because you can do it and there is no reason not to at least give it your best shot right now!

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Virox Shares Reopening Resources

Virox Shares Reopening Resources

by Holly Schippers

Here I am sharing a very comprehensive and well-rounded almost back to work package of information for you from Virox (Rejuvenate) that is the complete set of materials to help you feel confident that everything is in place and ready to go, even if you are already back at work!

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Reopening? Know Your Numbers

Reopening? Know Your Numbers

by Michele Baker

For those of you that like a little data with your info, here is some really interesting information from salon owner Michele Baker in Georgia. Being one of the first states to open left the salon owners to scramble to learn a lot of things on their own and many have been generous in sharing things they have figured out to help make operating in the COVID-19 world more systematic and understandable.

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