E-File Practice Recap: How Did It Go for You?

by Holly Schippers | August 18, 2017

This week’s #efilechronicles proved to be more difficult than last for me. How did you do? Thank you again to those experienced users who joined and offered live advice on things that I could change or adjust. This has definitely been an interesting learning process!

There were requests for working on an actual person as well as when to use what bits. I believe the bit tutorial should come first, so I will do some research and see what I can put together for that. I am working to coordinate dates with a live model as well. Would you be OK with the bit tutorial as a video or would you prefer it to be another Facebook live?

For those of you learning along with me, how do you feel that you are doing? What are your questions or challenges? For those of you with experience, what suggestions do you have for ensuring that we learn how to safely use our e-file?

Thank you to everyone who is joining in on this journey — the challenge is a little less intimidating with your support!

Show Clients Proof of Sanitation


Show Clients Proof of Sanitation

by Holly Schippers

Hopefully one thing this pandemic will do for our industry is make clients more aware of the differences between salons, and a piece of paper that says we happen to be licensed will no longer be sufficient proof of equal or clean service. How about showing clients that you opted to take a class on sanitation and disinfection while you were closed?

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