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Week 9: Live Models and My First Attempt at 3-D Art

by Joliessa Seguin | August 24, 2017 | Bookmark +

<p>Before and after of my sculpted, short full set. </p>

Well, this was an eventful week. We started off with full sets on live models. I was slightly nervous and a little unsure if I was ready, but I knew I had to step up and just do it. We got all of our materials set up for our models, and once we came back from lunch it was time to begin.

To no surprise, I decided to do a sculpted set as I prefer them. I've worked on this particular student before and I know that she's a server, like myself, so we agreed it would be best to keep them short.

(Side note: This is very important when discussing services with your client. She may want long nails but if she's a waitress, constantly using her hands, it may not be the best idea because they will break. Or let's say your client is a receptionist, long stilettos wouldn't be the best suggestion because of the constant typing. Always consider your clients occupation, as it will give you a clearer understanding of how their hands are dealt with on a daily basis and how they should be treated moving forward.)

Anyway, a short sculpted full set on a live model was  complete. I didn't have time to polish the nails but I was still satisfied with the results.

Next, we learned 3-D nail art! Wwe were so excited to learn from our instructor, followed by the application of what we had watched. As with previous lessons, I am filled with excitement but then my mind goes blank. I thought to myself, why not try to attempt mermaid nails?

<p>This was my first attempt at 3-D nail art and mermaid nails.</p>

I took my acrylic brush and made a 3-D clam and star fish. Although we didn't have the all of colors I wanted, they still came out kind of cute.

Half way through the week, we got a new instructor. It was very unexpected, suprising, and a bit confusing. However, that didn't change the fact that I was ready to learn. I am looking on the bright side, because now we're able to learn different techniques and styles from someone completely different at no additional charge. I'm ok with that. 

After the introduction and adjustment, we moved on to sculpted pink and whites, which I loved. I was able to complete a full set on one of my classmates.

<p>Loving these sculpted nails I did on my classmate. </p>

She wanted long nails which was a bit more of a challenge but I feel that I totally nailed it. 

Don't just try to find the positive in life, make a positive change!


JoJo (Follow my journey on Instagram @lovejoself)

P.S. Check out my business cards!

<p>I also got some business cards because soon, we'll be heading on the floor and taking actual clients. I'm so excited!</p>

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