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Week 19: Allowing Myself to Recharge

by Joliessa Seguin | November 2, 2017 | Bookmark +

<p>My kids and I worked on some nail art for fun on my day off. </p>

<p>My wonderful client. (You can’t really see her manicure but you can definitely see her smile!)</p>

This week was one of the best weeks I’ve had throughout my time as a nail tech student. Part of is because I finally decided to take a day off to spend with my family, which I needed more than I realized. It was my first full day off in a while so I enjoyed every minute of relaxation and every moment with my kids.

Monday was a great day. Although two nails broke off of a full set I did last week on a cosmo student, the  client that I had for a mani/pedi was amazing! We started with her pedicure so her toes could dry while we were doing her manicure. Throughout her service we discussed her grandchildren and her career, but mostly the grandchildren. At the end of her service she ask if I had a card, which I do, so we exchanged cards. She also ask to take a selfie and, of course, I did!

Tuesday came around and once it was time to get ready, my heart started feeling heavy. As I looked at my kids, I felt like I couldn’t miss them anymore. I could sacrifice one day of school to spend some time with them. I haven’t missed one day up until this point so my husband and I agreed it was okay for me to take a day to recharge. At first there was a feeling of guilt, but once I saw the smiles on their faces everything was okay. Even though it was a day off from school, nails were still on the brain! My two oldest kids wanted to practice some Halloween nail art. It melted my heart to see the inspiration in their hearts and how surprisingly good the art came out. Parenting isn’t just saying, it’s also showing. Kids don’t always listen, but they always watch and we have to be there, as an example for them, as they grow. 

<p>I treated myself and gave myself a sculpted set!</p>

I went back to school on Wednesday, and I booked a male pedicure appointment. The first thought that came to my head was, “A man’s foot? Oh no.” I’m just coming around to pedicures, but there are so many varieties of “men’s feet” you can come across that I was unsure how to feel. Unfortunately, (or fortunately?) he called and canceled. I thought that was very courteous, especially with all the no shows I’ve had. It was also nice because I got to catch up on our weekly floor assignment sheet. I completed two sculpted two-toned nails and a five tip overlay on my fake hand (Sasha). There was also a walk-in fill that I was excited to complete. She didn’t want gel-polish but we made it work with a beautiful color!

<p>We chose a beautiful Essie polish for this fill.</p>

With our new class days being on Thursday’s, we are all enjoying it. It’s more of a relaxing day because we know to expect for the most part and it’s the last day of our week. We normally take a test these days but we got a pass this week and that was, of course, refreshing. Also, because we recently tested out two weeks in a row we had a free day. At this point I haven’t really don’t a full set on myself so I decided I’ve had enough practice to give it a shot. As you all know being a server, in that industry,  I have to keep my nails short. So a sculpted short set it was. They came out super cute and ironically my right hand came out better than my left. You would think because I’m right handed my left hand would’ve came out perfect but I guess using my left hand took all of my focus.

This week was exactly what I needed to keep me going. I’m not going to lie, I felt my tank being drained to the last drop of energy and motivation, but this week gave me the recharge. I’ve also learned that it’s okay to have those days where you take to just gather yourself, as long as you don't do it too often. Be wise with your time but also remember to enjoy every moment your blessed with because not everyone is fortunate enough to have them.

Till next time, keep spreading love while you do what you love. Make a positive impact and watch this world become a better place!

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