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Week 20: The Best Lil' Nail Show and Expressing Gratitude

by Joliessa Seguin | November 9, 2017 | Bookmark +

<p>Our school took us on a field trip to the Best Lil' Nail Show Las Vegas.</p>

I had another great week. From an exciting nail trade show to doing a fill on myself, everything in between was just as fun. This week started out with a field trip to the “Best Lil’ Nail Show Las Vegas,” which was paid for by the school. That was exciting because I really wanted to go once I heard about but I couldn’t afford the ticket. Once I found out the school had paid for the students to go, I was so excited for the opportunity. There was glitter, gel colors and polishes, brushes, foils, and everything else my heart could desire all in one place. Initially, I intended to just look around and watch but I couldn’t help but to add to my nail art collection. Plus, I did need a new acrylic brush... 

<p>I worked on my 3-D art skills with these flower accent nails.</p>

After the Best Lil’ Nail Show, I headed to school where I had to set up right away for a polish change. After that I had nothing else to do so one of my cosmotology friends asked if I could do her nails. I was excited because I got to use my new #12 acrylic brush. It was a little challenging because it was a bigger brush than I was used to, but I quickly got a new rhythm going. On the ring finger, I did a 3-D flower also using my new acrylic art brush and I loved it! While I spent more money at the convention than I anticipated, I reminded myself that I'm investing in my career. What we put into our career is what we get out of it. 

<p>I painted my daughter's nails to match her costume on Halloween.</p>

On Tuesday, I took another day off. It wasn't something I planned on, but I had to take my kids trick-or-treating. They’ve been doing so good, supporting me and helping me get through this time, so I felt like I had to reward them. Plus, what kind of mom would I be if I didn’t take them trick-or-treating! But, of course, nails are always going to be a priority. Being the mommy I am, I gave my daughter a manicure with nail art to match her costume! She was Kitty Noir, a pop star kitten from Monster High, the fashion doll brand. Not only does my daughter like to draw, but she loves to sing so this was the perfect costume for her. We had a blast, and while it was worth the absence, I'm making sure I stay focused moving forward and don't miss any school days. 

<p>Here, I did a quick french manicure!</p>

Wednesday and Thursday were a little slower paced. On Wednesday, I had a client for a French Mani/Pedi. I always start with the pedicure, especially when using regular polish because of the dry time.  (Side note: I’m not a big fan of gel-polish on the toes. While it does last longer, you have to soak off the polish every time.) Anyway, she loved the services she received so much that I got her to sign up for a membership at the school. I’ll be seeing her again. On Thursday, we had our weekly test, and I missed two out of the 36 questions. Being a perfectionist, it’s hard to accept anything less than 100%, but it reminds me that I'm not always going to be perfect. Plus, 34 out of 36 isn’t too bad after all. Then I decided to do a fill on myself, and fix the flaws from last week’s set. Also, I decided to try a different design on each nail to practice my design skills. 

<p>In the small bit of free time I had, I decided to practice my skills creating unique designs on my own hands.</p>

Blessed is the best word for me to describe how I feel. While life isn’t perfect, I try to choose to see what I have rather than what I don't, and that makes the world of a difference. I have less than three months left in school, I have three beautiful healthy kids, I have a bright future in a career that I know I'll love: That’s what I’m choosing to focus on! Thank you to all of all the readers who have joined me on this journey, we’re almost at the finish line and I can't wait!  

Keep spreading love guys, changing the world one smile at a time.

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