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Week 23: Thankful for Nails

by Joliessa Seguin | November 30, 2017 | Bookmark +
This blue marble set took three hours, but speed will come in time. I think they are beautiful, and right now I am focused on quality over quantity.

This blue marble set took three hours, but speed will come in time. I think they are beautiful, and right now I am focused on quality over quantity.

Coming into the 23rd week was pretty exciting! Not only was it a short week for Thanksgiving, but there’s only nine school weeks left until we graduate. While it seems so far away, I know that time will fly by. I’ve watched a few nail techs graduate, and I have to admit I had tears in my eyes. Part of it was because I was so proud of them to start something new, overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Another reason I teared up was because I could imagine myself clocking out for the last time too. It honestly brings tears to my eyes picturing it now.

This week wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be at school, but I made sure to keep myself occupied. Monday, no appointments were scheduled, so I grabbed a cosmo friend to practice my sculpted nails on. She lets me do whatever I want and I love that about her. With that being said I did medium length stiletto nails with gel polish and, what is an attempt of marble design and gold foil. They took me good three hours but with the way they came out, I’m ok with that time. One thing I want to bring up real quick guys is taking our time. My thing is quality, quantity will come in time. Yes I may have taken three hours for this set, but for one they came out beautifully, and for two we had quality time together. We talked, we laughed. (Plus, it didn’t help she took twenty minutes to pick out her color!) Either way it doesn’t matter because if they’re having a great time, so am I. 

On Tuesday, I had a pedicure appointment with a returning client. Retaining clients is exciting, especially when you know they're requesting you. I started setting up at a regular pedicure station and my client came up to me and informed me she requested a spa chair with the jets in the pedicure bowl, which I was unaware of. Unfortunately, none of the spa chairs were available so I offered to reschedule but she declined and insisted on waiting. I felt extremely bad because if I had known of her request, I would’ve been able to accommodate her. While she was waiting I offered water or coffee and checked on her often to make sure she was comfortable. Finally a chair became available so I quickly washed the bowl, soaked it in an EPA registered disinfectant for 10 minutes and rinsed again. Now that I was finally set up, we were able to begin. Due to the wait I made sure to take my time with this client and give her extra attention, especially when it came time to the massage. She loved her pedicure and said it was worth the wait.

To end the week, one of my lovely coworkers came in for a full set. I was excited because my client was a friend, but also because I was going to work with acrylics. I love manicures, but something about doing a full set still gives me butterflies. She came in, I was all set up, but when I looked at her nails, they were barely there! She suffers from the ugly habit of stress nail biting. It’s a habit that I am determined to help her break. So even though there was hardly any nail to  create a free edge on I still took the bold step of sculpting nails. We went with two toned acrylics, burgundy and gold for the holidays, and they came out gorgeous. While I was happy with the outcome, I was concerned of the up keep so we both agreed for her to come back no later than two weeks for a fill to make sure we’re keeping them balanced to prevent breaking/cracking.

This time has been flying by. I feel like we just started, but now we’re past the half way point and the finish line is within reach. It’s crazy how in one blink of an eye things can change. Stay strong my friends we’re almost there.



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