Say Hello to My Little Friend, Acheron

by Holly Schippers | May 10, 2018
Did you catch Acheron’s Instagram Story debut?

Did you catch Acheron’s Instagram Story debut?

Meet my new pal Acheron! When in L.A. recently, I learned that Instagram and Facebook Stories are an important part of the social experience. The only downside is I didn’t want to take a bunch of selfies all day to create posts. The easiest solution to the dilemma seemed like having someone be in all the photos for me!

In comes Acheron. I saw him at an adorable little toy store outside the hotel and across from Starbucks. He has the look of sparkly black chrome with all kinds of elements on him with #naileyes potential, so who better to have a go at it. Now when I have a class, show, or other event going on, you can expect to see Acheron rocking my Instagram Story and giving you a sneak peek into what’s going on!

How many of you caught his debut on Instagram at #americasbeautyshow?

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