A Solution for Camera-Shy Hand Models

by Holly Schippers | November 6, 2018

I love picking up new tips from other professionals! It’s so awesome to learn and share with each other.

I recently worked a Cosmoprof Trend Inspiration event and fellow professional Cynthia Laughlin stopped by my table to chat nails. She handed me her business card and I was immediately drawn to the photos.

She had used beautiful lace gloves that went only halfway up the model’s fingers. When I asked about them, she explained that some of her older clients were self-conscious about their skin and didn’t care for pictures of their hands. She solved this dilemma by offering styles of gloves that allowed the fingertips to show while decorating the hands. This has me hunting up gloves as props for some of my salon photos as well!

Check Cynthia out on Facebook or Pinterest and be sure to tell her well done on such a clever idea!

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