Take Care of Yourself While You’re Taking Care of Others

by Holly Schippers | December 13, 2018

It’s that time of year again when we all start cramming appointments into every nook and cranny of time we can scrounge up. Skipping food, not drinking to minimize trips to the bathroom, and working longer days to accommodate everyone. While this feels necessary and almost normal, it can have unexpected results that are quite unpleasant. We discuss this every year; however, I know some of you are still dismissing my concern for you!

Please take the time to drink water. Keeping a water bottle at your station in a cabinet or drawer will make it easy to take a quick drink during a cure time or removal. Please eat at least some protein a few times a day, like nuts, jerky, granola, etc. Going to the bathroom is not a sin; it is a bodily function required for your health.

Keep in mind that if you destroy your health just to work in a few more appointments, those people you worked in are not going to pay your medical bills, nor come help take care of you! You do not have to have diabetes in your family to become diabetic, you do not have to be focused on your weight to have an eating disorder, and if you are that busy all the time, you should be raising your prices so that you can afford to take a few bathroom breaks and not work 12+ hour days.

Hugs and respect to all my fellow industry workaholics. I’m raising my bottle of water as a toast to a successful and prosperous holiday season!

Show Clients Proof of Sanitation


Show Clients Proof of Sanitation

by Holly Schippers

Hopefully one thing this pandemic will do for our industry is make clients more aware of the differences between salons, and a piece of paper that says we happen to be licensed will no longer be sufficient proof of equal or clean service. How about showing clients that you opted to take a class on sanitation and disinfection while you were closed?

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