I keep a stress ball from @nailartbysig at my desk. Nails by Vicki Ornellas  (@onpointwithvicki).

I keep a stress ball from @nailartbysig at my desk. Nails by Vicki Ornellas

As I’m writing this note, I am completely stressed out. The holidays may be over, but I find myself still catching up from being out of the office for two weeks. On my to-do list right now is wrapping up the writing and editing for this issue, getting all the NTNA contestants their products to compete, completing reviews for my staff, posting February stories online, and plugging away on social media. If I were to factor in all the things that come up last minute or items on my personal to-do list, I would be completely overwhelmed.

Recent studies from the American Psychological Association and LinkedIn have found that members of Gen X and Millennials are among the most stressed in our country due to everything from money to work to global issues. I, like many nail techs (approximately 36% according to our 2018-2019 Big Book), fall into this category. For those who are business owners and breadwinners, your stress level can increase from there. Factor in dealing with the public and the general stresses that come from the job (finishing a service on time, dealing with cancellations, skipping lunch) and you have a recipe for disaster.

I thought it might be helpful for me to share some of the ways I de-stress in
hopes that it can calm you as well:
Exercise. Working out is the ultimate stress reliever for me. I prefer running, but any type of activity that gets endorphins going will benefit you.
Relax. Take some time to clear your head by enjoying a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, or a spa service. Watch a show or read a book. Give yourself ample time away from the things that get you on edge the most.
Create. Nails is a creative business, but if doing nails has you stressing, take some time away from this particular medium and make a different kind of art. For me, this is writing.
Prioritize. You can’t tackle everything at once. Set your intentions, develop a strategy, take stock of all the positives in your life, and deal with everything else one thing at a time. Anything you can’t control, you shouldn’t stress over.
Talk to your friends. Hanging out with friends, family, or sometimes just calling another person who “gets you” for a quick chat can make all the difference in the world. While we all communicate via social media every day, it’s important to still invest time in genuine connections with others.

There is a silver lining to acknowledging the stresses that plague each generation: You as a nail professional can be key to helping clients relax. Incorporating essential oils, longer massages, or special beverages into your salon can make a world of difference for your clientele. Sometimes merely sitting in your chair and receiving a service as simple as a pedicure is all that’s needed to ease the mind. Emphasizing spa-like services or calming elements and marketing them to younger generations may just give your business the boost it needs.

Keep calm and nail on.

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