February is the time of year many clients want something glamorous to embrace the love in the air! Share the love with your clients by trying out these step-by-step designs for Valentine's Day:

Caged Love

Products used: Gel II sail away with me, Sea Splash, Extreme White, Midnight Black & Matte Top Coat Pink Sharpie.

  1. Polish nail with Gel II “Sail Away with Me” (cure).
  2. Add spots of Gel II “Sea Splash” and with the Gel II “Sail Away with Me” brush wipe up and down in a vertical motion (cure).
  3. Using Gel II “Extreme White,” draw a heart (cure).
  4. Wipe tacky layer off of nail.
  5. Color the heart with pink sharpie.
  6. Outline the heart and then draw vertical and horizontal lines using Gel II “Midnight Black” (cure).
  7. Finish nail with Gel II “Matte Top Coat."



Products used: Gel II Extreme White & Mirror Shine Top Coat, Pink, Red & Purple Sharpie, Red Heart confetti.

  1. Polish nail with Gel II “Extreme White” (cure).
  2. Wipe tacky layer off of Nail.
  3. Cover white using Red, Pink & Purple sharpie blocks.
  4. Using alcohol and a flat nail art brush, blend the blocks where they meet and let air dry for 30 seconds.
  5. Draw thin white lines creating a tic tac toe grid using Gel II “Extreme White” (cure).
  6. Polish nail with Gel II “Mirror Shine Top Coat” and place heart shaped confetti in the winning position on the grid (cure).
  7. To secure and complete the look, add two more coats of top coat curing each coat separately.

Artist Credits:

Chanell Boyd (@nellboutik)
Private Nail Stylist and Educator 
Cleveland, OH

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