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Cardi B's Swarovski Pepsi Nails Shine in Super Bowl Ad

by NAILS Staff | February 4, 2019
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If you watched the Super Bowl this year, Cardi B’s sparkly Pepsi manicure probably caught your eye! Cardi B’s go-to nail tech, Jenny Bui (@nailson7th) created a nail design that matches a Pepsi can for the star’s Super Bowl commercial. Bui used LeChat Perfect Match in Eternal Midnight, The Big Apple, and Flawless White to recreate Pepsi's color scheme, then topped off the shades by placing hundreds of Swarovski crystals, sourced from Dreamtime Creations, on each nail. The design took nearly three hours to complete.

"Cardi initially wanted to go with all blue nails, but since all blue wouldn’t match the Pepsi logo, I suggested going with red, white, and blue," says Bui. "The three colors were topped with crystals, which of course is Cardi’s signature look."

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