When you opened your salon, you probably selected decor that would give your salon the atmosphere you envisioned. Looks are important when creating a salon that clients will love to return to, but don’t forget other senses! Scent is often overlooked, but it can create powerful associations in the memory. Appealing to clients’ sense of smell is a great way to keep them coming back.

How do I choose the right scent for my salon?

What scent best represents your salon depends on the atmosphere you want your salon to have. Is your salon a soothing, spa-like place? Calming, relaxing scents such as lavender or cucumber might be appropriate. Is your salon funky and fun? An energizing citrus such as lemon or grapefruit might be your scent.

Can I mix fragrance oils to make something unique to my salon?

There’s no reason you have to stick to one scent! Choosing the right combination can create a unique fragrance that clients will associate with your salon only.

How do I know if it is the right scent?

Ask! Test out your chosen scent and see what employees, clients, friends, and family think. How do they feel after spending time with the scent? What memories does it call to mind? If their reaction to the scent isn’t what you had in mind, try another one.

How do I effectively use the scent that I’ve chosen?

One of the best ways to use scent in the salon is to create custom spa products using your chosen scent. Manufacturers such as La Palm Spa Products offer unscented versions of products such as lotions, scrubs, and pedicure soaks. This makes it easy for you to blend your chosen fragrance oils into your products. You can also use fragrance oils in diffusers and custom retail items.

LaPalm Spa Products offers over 40 different fragrance oils that can be used in various unscented products to help in branding your salon with scent. Explore the numerous fragrance oils and other fantastic products for your spa or salon at www.lapalmspaproducts.com.

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