Not judging other techs because of the products they use or their method. Nail techs are just as diverse as their clientele. We’re not one size fits all. Sharing methods and products will not diminish your talent. There’s enough money on the table for us all!
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A nail is not just a plastic tip with glue. It’s a real handmade, custom work of art.
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I thought because I couldn’t necessarily draw on paper, I wouldn’t be that good at nail art and design. I have learned that this is something you can definitely work on. Ask me to draw on paper and you will get a stick man. Ask me to draw on nails and you will get a full Disney princess set!
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I thought doing nails would be easy, but it’s challenging. I admire all nail technicians.
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How much money you can make as a nail technician.
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That I don’t have to be the best at everything! I tried so hard to master every service and offer every product, and I began to drown. I then decided to focus on what I’m best at (gel services). I took classes and practiced and now I’m way more confident and happy while working, and my service quality has been better than ever. I also stopped pretending to be someone I am not. I am not a spa/relaxing atmosphere kind of gal, so I cut those types of services from my menu. Now all of my clientele tend to be my type of people.
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