On My Mind: Reflection, Concentration, and Confidence

byValerie Ducharme | December 14, 2018

For me, creativity is being able to take risks, try something new, follow your instincts, and get out of your comfort zone in order to discover new techniques, develop new ideas, and create new trends. Standing out is not easy in our industry, but the best way to do it is to show your personality through your nail art.

Replicating images on Pinterest is not creating. Even if you say that you have changed the colors or added glitters, the fact remains that you have not created anything that reflects who you are. It is easier to follow a trend than be the creator of a movement. You have to know that it will be difficult for you to stand out as a nail artist if your work looks like everything you find on the web. Find an image, a garment, or a jewel that inspires you and create something new. I want to see your story.

Take the example of the kitchen chef who mixes flavors, colors, and textures. His recipes might not be appreciated by everyone, and he takes the risk of being criticized, but he will certainly be recognized for his audacity, innovation, and creativity. It’s up to you to choose who you want to be. There is nothing wrong with following a cookbook sometimes. It can be very relaxing and comforting, unlike creation, which requires reflection, concentration, and a great deal of confidence. Sometimes we just need to take a break to better channel and replenish our energy.

For those who are ready to try to develop their creativity, why not take on a personal challenge by following the new NAILS Next Top Nail Artist contestants? Act as if you were participating in the contest and create your own projects. It will get you out of your comfort zone and you will actually create. Trust me, it will make you grow. Don’t forget to have fun!

—  Valerie Ducharme



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