Maria Corke, Copper31, Rainford, Merseyside, England  @mariacorke

Maria Corke, Copper31, Rainford, Merseyside, England @mariacorke

Glisten Up

1. Add Lecenté Golden White Multi Glitz Glitter to CJP Nail Systems Crystal Clear Acrylic Powder. Add a drop of Young Nails Liquid Art to CJP Monomer. Combine liquid and powder and cover the nail in a thin coat. 

2. Place Diamond Glitters White Iridescent Snowflakes onto the wet base. Encapsulate with an additional coat of the clear acrylic.

3. Buff and apply CJP Tack Free Top Gloss. Draw icicles around the cuticle using an Edge Nails Fine Detailer brush and Crystal Nails Ultra White Royal Gel.

4. Sprinkle Indigo Nails Pixel Effect Glitter in Cinderella onto the gel, then cure for 60 seconds.

5. Use NSI Poly Bond brush-on glue to add Swarovski Crystals in Clear around the cuticle area and mirroring the icicles.

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