Isle Pedispa (@islepedispa) owner Cindy Huynh has had so much success in the Houston area that she just opened her fifth location. These salons are known for lavish decor and custom pedicure services. Huynh shares her tips for styling multiple salons.

NAILS: How long have you been in the nail industry?

CH: I've been a nail technician for over 25 years and opened my first salon 15 years ago. 

NAILS: How do you come up with the décor themes for your salons?

Cindy Huynh: I have always been fascinated with decor. I visit decorative centers and showrooms to get my inspirations. I like to design each suite differently but keep with a similar theme. Each salon has a different color theme to make it fun our clients when they visit each location. 

NAILS: Five salons is a lot! What’s your secret for success?

CH: Anything Nails is my passion. I believe if you truly love what you do, you will be successful. I also have a great support team that’s been with me since day one. 

NAILS: Do you have a favorite room/item in one of the location?

CH: We carry the theme of butterflies in each location. They are on the wallpaper, door handles, and mosaic wall tiles. Butterflies represent the transformation of beauty through color, which is how I feel applying color on our nails can make us feel.

NAILS: What makes the fifth location stand out?

CH: Our newly designed manicure alcoves. They provide privacy for our clients in a luxurious and comfortable setting. Clients are able to relax and feel calm when they are sitting there getting their nails done.

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