I only accept Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, ApplePay, Cash App, and cash. I’ve spent years accepting credit cards and paying thousands in crazy fees and I’m not doing it anymore. These awesome fee-less ways to get paid are ultimately helping my bottom line and allowing me to keep my prices comfortable for my clients. I gave my clients more than enough time to adjust and even teach people how to use whichever app they choose to use. It works for me and my business and we all love it.
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I operate by myself and accept lots of  cash
app payments. It’s convenient for us both.
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At our salon we accept cash, Square, and Cash App payments. Cash App is super easy and it’s what the younger people are using.
Yanin Moreno,
Luscious Nails,
Bradenton, Fla.

No, unless it’s for tips. If I can’t track it for tax/audit purposes, I won’t use it. Just because it’s an option doesn’t mean I have to add it. Cash or debit or credit card work just fine.
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Yes, I accept Cash App and Zelle, so there are no excuses as to why a client cannot pay.
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No, because they cancel the transaction after they leave the shop. That’s happened to me before.
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