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Liquid Stone Nail Art With Golden Ornaments

by NAILS Staff | October 15, 2018

Ruse, Bulgaria-based nail tech Tanya Angelova created this unusual and elegant liquid stone effect manicure. You can find her nail design ebooks on

1. Prep the nails, paint them with colored gel, and file lightly with a hand file until they are matte. With a thin brush and black gel paint, add the contours of the decoration. Cure.

2. Create figures and contours with the black gel paint. The black gel paint should be very sticky for this to work. Cure.

3. Press gold nail foil onto the black gel contours. Repeat this until you get a nice golden effect.

4. Add more black gel paint in the middle of the nail plate where the liquid stones will be placed. Cure. 

5. Press green nail foil onto the black gel to create the color of the liquid stone.

6. With an oval brush, add a large bead of clear builder gel onto the green area. To apply the gel, use circular movements to form the stone from top to bottom. This will provide more volume, texture, and depth to the shiny green foil underneath. Cure.

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