1st Place

Jeff Goldblum
Crystal Hoang, Woodbury, Minn.


Meet the Winner

Woodbury, Minn.-based nail tech Crystal Hoang was drawn to Jeff Goldblum for her Celebrity Face-Off entry because of his unique personality. “First of all, his favorite color is ‘rainbow’ and therefore he doesn’t discriminate against any color, and as an artist I can appreciate that,” she says. “He has a natural sense of humor and charisma that is spontaneous and I love anything he does! Plus, aesthetically he is a joy to paint.” Hoang is an experienced artist both in the salon and out. “I’ve done art my whole life and I love using all kinds of mediums,” she says. With eight years of nail experience, she enjoys bringing her artistic energies to nail art as well.

To create her portrait of Goldblum, Hoang used gel-polish and a trusty old striping brush. “I’ve been using it for five years,” she says. “I just can’t get myself to use anything else!” She started with an outline in a light color, then cured each detail layer by layer until it was time to top coat. It took lots of patience to achieve the detailed art. “He took me about four hours over the course of a few days in between clients,” she says.

Follow her on Instagram @crystalsnailscene.

2nd Place

Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian
Maribell Vargas, Chula Vista, Calif.


3rd Place

Kiefer Sutherland in The Lost Boys
Laura Hall, Birmingham, England



Honorable Mentions

Frieda Kahlo
Vanessa Pimentel, Las Vegas


Verne Troyer as Mini Me
Knieya Peterson, Temecula, Calif.

Albert Einstein
Amy Masters, Dayton, Wyo.

Dita Von Teese
Maribell Vargas, Chula Vista, Calif.

Other Notable Entries

Uma Thurman
Maribell Vargas, Chula Vista, Calif.

Johnny Depp as
Edward Scissorhands
Knieya Peterson, Temecula, Calif.

William H. Macy
as Frank from Shameless
Jessica Warzyniak, Crown Point, Ind.

Cardi B
Silvia Ambriz, Stockton, Calif.

Ellen Degeneres
Kimberly Schmutzler
Aurora, Ill.

Chris Bryant
Kimberly Schmutzler
Aurora, Ill.

Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out
Jasmin Cameron, Hamden, Conn.

Jennifer Lopez
Malgorzata Ziolkowska, Plant City, Fla.

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