Crowdsourcing: What Does Your Salon Do To Raise Money For Charity?

by Staff Writer | September 18, 2018

Our salon has a golf tournament once a year for Amy’s Army. Amy is a stylist at our salon who had breast cancer, but is now cancer-free! We decided we wanted to give back to the hospital that took care of her, so the proceeds benefit the Sandra and Malcolm Berman Breast Center at GBMC in Baltimore. For the past two years, we’ve raised around $10,000 during each tournament!
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We have held party fundraisers to benefit the American Cancer Society, along with four month-long pedicure fundraisers to benefit different breast cancer charities.
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We went to the local Children’s Home and did the children’s hair and nails for their picture day for adoption, free of charge. I loved it! The kids were so nice.
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I donate my time at the Ronald McDonald House once a month by giving manis or pedis to the guests that are staying there.
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We are very passionate about our service providers. One of our nail techs is battling stage III non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. We are selling bracelets and have also done various raffles to help raise money for her treatment and living expenses.
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I set up a GoFundMe page for my friend Mark who is fighting stage IV cancer. I’ve helped local schools, breast cancer, veterans, police, and firefighters also. I’m learning you can’t always help everyone, but I try whenever I can.
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Our salon picks one Sunday a year that we are normally closed and open up for a local charity that we pick as a group. Our clients come in and pay the regular prices on that day, and 100% of the money from the services go to the charity. For those unable to be there on that day, we also have collection cans in the salon so that clients can still support the charity. We do it out of the kindness of our hearts, and know that we are helping someone in need.
Ashley Groves
Pizzazz Hair Design and Spa, Wellington, Fla.

We give socks and gloves to the less fortunate in the winter. It’s important to wrap up those digits in extreme weather!
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I don’t donate to charities because I like to do charitable activities on my own time. I want to make sure my money is actually going to people in need, and not just to the company. I save my tip money and buy toothbrushes, soap, hygiene products, blankets, instant noodles, and rice to give out to those in need.
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