Yes, because it also acts as a confirmation. There’s a copy of the agreement and if the client forgets I can screenshot the appointment and send it to her.
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Yes, I prefer texting to schedule my clients because it makes it so much easier. Sometimes they have questions and want to text you a picture of something they’re interested in for their nails. I’ve had several of my clients for years so it becomes more efficient that way.
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Two years ago I had strep throat and no voice. I needed to reschedule some appointments and I was unable to make calls so I texted them. That was my turning point. I now prefer to use texting for rescheduling. I am good about setting up the next appointment while in my chair, so texting is kept at a minimum, but still it’s such a nice and easy way of communicating with clients.
Amy Masters
Perfect 10 Nail Studio
Dayton, Wy

No, I hate the back and forth conversation. It’s easier to direct them to my website.
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Our only salon phone is a cell phone. It’s very helpful to be able to respond at our earliest convenience, instead of having to stop mid pedi or application to answer a call.
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Never, with certain special exceptions.
To preserve the client/provider relationship and to avoid an unintentional breach of your off-hours personal life, keep it professional with emails or messages through online booking software.
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I will discuss pricing via text with a new client, but when it comes time to book, I always direct them to my online booking website so that they have to secure the appointment with their credit card. This has vastly reduced no-shows and had weeded out potential new clients who are not fully committed.
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