According to The Washington Post, a new TSA rule will require powder substances to be placed in a container no larger than 12 ounces. Powders in containers larger than 12 ounces must be placed in a separate bin for X-Ray screening and may require additional screening, which may include opening the containers. If the TSA can't identify the powder, passengers may be asked to place it in checked baggage or throw it away.

Holly Schipper, NAILS' FingerNailFixer blogger, says this could have an effect on nail techs. "If they are taking powders to or from a class, this could encompass acrylic powder, chromes, sugaring, dip powders, and more," she says. "This will mean that things need to go into a checked bag and that it is advisable for nail professionals to include a letter of explanation in their bags as to what the powders are, how to reach them with questions, and availability of SDS."


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