1. Specialty carbide bits can be used to remove gel (or acrylic) as long as there is some type of barrier layer such as a double base coat or a thin layer of builder gel covering the natural nail. This ensures we won’t file directly on the natural nail. Specialty carbide teeth (also known as flutes) are less aggressive than a standard carbide bit, making
it a safer choice when removing product.

2. Use the Gel X or Flame specialty carbide bit to remove 90% of the color, leaving a thin perimeter near the cuticle. The product will shave off smoothly.

3. After removing most of the color, use a 100% diamond cuticle bit (the Unicorn bit is shown) to remove the remaining color from the nail and to exfoliate the cuticle at the same time.

4. After the cuticle has been exfoliated on both sides with the Unicorn bit, the nail is ready for color application.

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