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En Vogue Nature’s Lace Nail Art Tutorial

by NAILS Staff | August 24, 2018

1. Apply En Vogue Base Coat and cure. Apply En Vogue Baby Blues Lac It! and cure. Apply another coat and cure.

2. Apply blue glitter dots on the dispersion layer of Baby Blues. Apply En Vogue Clear Modeling Resin over the whole nail, then place the trimmed-to-fit wing into the wet gel.

3. Wrap the nail in cling wrap and use it to hold the wing down while curing. Apply a thin layer of Modeling Resin over the whole nail, cure, and wipe the dispersion layer. Buff if necessary.

4. Apply a trimmed portion of a Gold Lightning Minx nail wrap. Dab on a little Modeling Resin where you’d like the mylar flakes, place them on the wet gel, and cure. Apply another thin layer of Modeling Resin over the whole nail and cure.

5. Apply studs and bullion beads with Modeling Resin and cure. Apply En Vogue Lac It! No-Wipe Top Coat and cure. 

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Fall Nail Color Preview

Nail Design

Fall Nail Color Preview

by Staff

See the upcoming polish, gel-polish, gel, and powder colors! From warm browns and nudes to rich reds, oranges, and blues, this year’s color collections bring comfort and a touch of holiday glam as cool weather takes over.


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