"Absolutely not! 'Doing nails' doesn’t just consist of slapping on someproduct and making nails look pretty. As professionals we should bemaintaining the health and integrity of the nails, and to do so you must have an understanding of the anatomy of the nails and hands. Regulations should absolutely be enforced and fines should be given to anyone practicing without an education/license."

@coco_nicole via Instagram

"It was a waste of my time and money. I learned more in a 40-hour continuing education course than I did in 400 hours of school. Don’t get me wrong, some of it was helpful, but overall the schooling system is broken and archaic."

@elevatenailsandbeau via Instagram

"I believe deregulation in the U.S. would vastly improve the ability for certified professionals to travel or move locations freely without every single state having their own brand of reciprocity. Deregulation doesn’t take away the fact that an individual needs to be professionally trained and qualified to work on the general public. There are things you learn in your training that you wouldn’t think of to teach yourself by happenstance."

@elegant_nomad_nails via Instagram

"Licensing should be reduced or eliminated as no one actually follows the rules once
the licensing has been granted."

@chunju_simick via Instagram

"Licensing should be enforced (it really isn’t). And there needs to be better education. It already feels like it’s the Wild West."


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