Nail Design

Nail Art Studio: Soccer Sensation

by NAILS Staff | June 21, 2018

1. Apply a white gel-polish base. Use a thin liner brush and gold gel-polish to sketch the outline of the World Cup logo. You may want to use a photo of the logo for reference.

2. Use a thin liner brush and Young Nails’ Mission Control in black to sketch octagons around the logo, creating a soccer ball.

3. Fill in the outer part of the logo with red gel-polish, and the inner circles of the logo with black and blue gel-polish. Fill in every other octagon with black gel-polish.

4. With a thin liner brush, add sparkle-like details to the logo in gold gel-polish. Cure and top coat. 

Sandy Clark, Tangerine Salon, Coppell, Texas @myfreehandnails

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